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Did Your Lawyer Betray Your Trust?

We tend to trust the advice of a lawyer as the final word. But much like any other professional, not all lawyers act with your best interests in mind. If you believe your previous lawyer was negligent or incompetent, an experienced attorney malpractice lawyer may be able to help.

George M Bishop Attorney at Law has held other lawyers accountable for over 50 years in Chappell Hill, TX. He'll help you file a legal malpractice claim and follow it through to the final conclusion.

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Fighting to Right the Wrongs

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How to Sue a Lawyer for Malpractice

It can seem like an impossible task to take your own lawyer to court, but negligence or wrongdoing should never go unpunished in any profession. Before you file a legal malpractice claim, make sure that you follow these tasks:

  • Gather any and all evidence you have access to

  • Save every single document and correspondence, no matter how trivial

  • Fire your lawyer and hire a new one experienced with legal malpractice

Your attorney malpractice lawyer will use every resource to prove that you were wrongly represented. Contact attorney Bishop today to learn more about your legal options.